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Jean-Ferry at the Sports Event Jean-Ferry at the Sports Event
Photos: Jantje Ehlers

Jean-Ferry at the Sports Event

There was again only smiling faces
A clown flying high
Photo: Andreas Steindl

A clown flying high

Aachener Zeitung
Jean-Ferry at Carnival Event
Kookaburra Comedy Club
Photo: Thomas Schwarz

Kookaburra Comedy Club

With washing machine, iron and fire extinguisher on the Comedy Stage
Variety Fire and Ice

Variety Fire and Ice

With his 3 acts at the Variety Production “Fire and Ice”
ummer Variety - Rügen ummer Variety - Rügen

Jean-Ferry as clown co moderator "silent" at Summer Variety - Rügen!

Comedy Trampoline, Ladder Acrobatic, Comedy Magic and the "goofiest face" in the world at " Summer Variety Rügen".
Leipziger Kuppelsaal

Leipziger Kuppelsaal

Jean-Ferry and his trampoline in the Leipziger Kuppelsaal
Ball of seafaring

Ball of seafaring

Jean-Ferry impresses again at the ball of seafaring
IBO - Messe IBO - Messe

IBO - Shopping and Entertainment Show

The amazing europa park - variety and circus show in Friedrichshafen.
Sports and Show in Rotenburg

Sports and Show

Trampoline, lolli, 4000 guests and a lot of fun.
A weekend in Rotenburg.
last show in 2016 last show in 2016

Last show in 2016

With ladder, trampoline, a showgirl, champagne and fireworks.
Christmas Variety Christmas Variety

Christmas Variety

What a great audience at the sold out City Hall Balingen.
Ball of seafaring
Photo: Boris Löffert

Ball of seafaring

Jean-Ferry thrills the crowd at Mercator hall with his trampoline, ladder and comedy magic.
A clown at the police
Photo: Michael Stelzner

A clown at the police

With trampoline, ladders and slapstick to lough yourself silly . Police in Coburg, what a fun.
Event of Colorful

Event of Colorful

With Dagmar Frederic at Spa house ball, the German star of my childhood.
Kultur Herbst

Rain Rain Rain

With trampoline, washing machine, magic iron and lots of fun in Gunzenhausen.
International Motor Show

International Motor Show

Physical comedy with words!
The world´s dumbest face as a parcel driver "Mr. Müller". Jean Ferry explains with Diana Barth in the Comedy Duo the VW product CarePort to the visitors of the IAA Hannover.
Festival of lights

Festival of lights

Jean-Ferry thrills the crowd at the Variety Show for Festival of lights Karlsruhe with his trampoline, washing machine and much more.
Duckstein Street Festival

Duckstein Street Festival

Jean-Ferry thrills the crowd at the Duckstein Festival with his trampoline, washing machine, etc.
A Circus Symphony

A Circus Symphony

Very Spezial! Sold-Out concert hall KKL - Luzern, my ladder acrobatics together with the Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra. WOW
38th Himmelkron Street Festival

In the Country

Jean-Ferry thrills the crowd at the 38th Himmelkron Street Festival with his trampoline, washing machine, etc.
Palmengarten Frankfurt am Main

Palmengarten Frankfurt am Main

Jean-Ferry is part of an extraordinary event production. In cooperation with a film animation, a unique ladder act is created during the time-consuming rehearsals. In this special choreography, Jean-Ferry works for the first time with an animated stage partner in the style of „Disneys Nemo“.
30 Years of Sattlerei Henning

30 Years of Sattlerei Henning

Jean-Ferry is a hit with the guests at the Sattlerei Henning anniversary party with his walk act, trampoline and comedy magic.
Jean-Ferry on the High Seas

Jean-Ferry on the High Seas

With his 50-minute solo comedy programme, walk act and comedy animation, Jean-Ferry captivates the guests on the MS Amadea.
Europa Park - Rust

Europa Park - Rust

120 shows in 5 weeks! Thanks to the great audiences at the Europa Park.
Jean-Ferry as a guest of Stefan Mross

Jean-Ferry as a guest of Stefan Mross

Jean-Ferry enchants the viewers of the ARD live programme “Immer wieder Sonntags” under the clear blue skies of the Europa Park in Rust, southwest Germany.
Jean-Ferry at Artern Fountain Festival Artern

Artern Fountain Festival

The 241st Fountain Festival in Salinepark: Comedy trampoline, magic, great weather and a super audience.
Jean-Ferry at Kulturarena Jena

Kulturarena Jena

An audience of 2000, trampoline, ladder and a great variety show in the Kulturarena Jena.
Palace Grounds Spectacle

Palace Grounds Spectacle

Jean-Ferry uses his trampoline, bottles, washing machine and much more to thrill the visitors of the Schlosspark Braunschweig.
Comedyakrobatic at Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart Jean-Ferry at Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart
Photos: Alex Klein

Clowns – the Show

Jean-Ferry once again at the Friedrichsbau Varieté theatre in Stuttgart. With a “wonderfully crazy cast”, the clown show wowed the Stuttgart audience in the new Friedrichsbau Varieté.
Jean-Ferry at IHK-Neujahrsempfang Jean-Ferry at IHK-Neujahrsempfang
Photos: Christian Flemming

The smallest space on any the location!

With Comedy Trampoline and Ladder Acrobatic at „IHK-Neujahrsempfang“ event. Spezial guests was EU Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger and many guests of the social life of Lindau.
Jean-Ferry im Radio Ton Gourmet Palast Jean-Ferry im Radio Ton Gourmet Palast
Photos: Melanie Pfördtner

Jean-Ferry as clown co moderator „silent“ at the Dinnershow!

Comedy Trampoline, Ladder Acrobatic, Comedy Magic and the „goofiest face“ in the world at „Gourmet Palast“.
Jean-Ferry at the Humboldts Comedy Club Berlin Jean-Ferry at the Humboldts Comedy Club Berlin
Photos: Kuno Traschke

With the „goofiest face“ in the world on the Comedy Stage!

Jean Ferry, the Trampoline und Comedy Magic at the „Humboldts Comedy Club Berlin“.
Jean-Ferry at Eifelpark – Gondorf Jean-Ferry at Eifelpark – Gondorf
Photos: Jean-Ferry

35 Minuten Show at Eifelpark!

Trampoline, Comedy Magic and Spellbound slapstick in 35 minute show at „Eifelpark“ more than 70 shows!
Sports Event for Bank „Volksbank“ Sports Event for Bank „Volksbank“
Photos: Volksbank

Sports Event for Bank „Volksbank“

Jean-Ferry with 30 minute show. Comedy Trampoline, Ladder Acrobatic and Comedy Magic.
Varieté Et Cetera Varieté Et Cetera
Photos: Barny, Erhard Dauber

Varieté Et Cetera Show

The only man at the Variety Show „Wallis Revüh“ Jean-Ferry, the women under control. Or inverse?
Jean-Ferry in Beauvais
Photo: Monika Stykan

5000 guests

At Event Production in Beauvais – France.
Photo: Michael Teix

Jean-Ferry at Mirror Palace

Comedian, Comedy Trampoline and Ladder Acrobatic at REINHARD GERERs TEATRO – Vienna.
Andi & Alex – frisch gekocht
Photo: Teatro – Wien

Jean-Ferry at TV!!!

Special to „FRESH COOKED“ with „Andi & Alex“ at REINHARD GERERs TEATRO.
Andi & Alex

Happy end, happy start!

Separated at birth and found in REINHARD GERERs TEATRO again! Jean-Ferry enthralls with Daniello the audience in Vienna.
Interview zur Premiere mit Jean-Ferry

Without a word!

Interview on Premiere with Jean-Ferry Mirror palace – REINHARD GERERs TEATRO.
Jean-Ferry at the Police – Event production
Photo: Bernhard Czichon

Jean-Ferry at the Police – Event production

The Regensburg police chief Rudolf Kraus had a lot of fun.
Open air festival „Fire and water 2013“

Open air festival „Fire and water“

Jean-Ferry at Fire and water – Carnival of nostalgia in Hannover.
Entertainers festival Koblenz

Entertainers festival

Jean-Ferry at 22 International entertainers festival Koblenz.
„Open Air Varieté“ – Queen's Day
Photo: Hans van Dorp

Jean-Ferry on the Queen's Day in 2013 in Pijnacker – Nedderland

Jean-Ferry played with his comedy acrobatics (Trampoline & Ladder) on a swimming water stage and enthralls more than 5000 guests of the „Open air Variety“ in the last Queen's Day.
Jean-Ferry in Utrecht


Jean-Ferry at the Event production in Spoorwegmuseum – Utrecht.
Bosch event production

Bosch event production, Czech Republic

Jean-Ferry at the Event production Bosch – Czech Republic.

Jean-Ferry as an actor | ECO Fair Bank – Ice Cream

Advertisement Study
Concept, Director, Post Production: Michael Klich
Camera: Haik Büchsenschuss
Mean Voice: Stephen M. Gilbert
Guy: Jean-Ferry
Music: Sascha Poloczek
Logo, Grading: Ulrike Harbort

Jean-Ferry as an actor | ECO Fair Bank – Apple

Advertisement Study
Concept, Director, Post Production: Michael Klich
Camera: Haik Büchsenschuss
Guy: Jean-Ferry
Music: Sascha Poloczek
Logo, Grading: Ulrike Harbort
Jean-Ferry and Michael Klich

Jean-Ferry as a Special Guest with his Comedy in the „Grünen Salon“

At the „Lost of cabaret“ theatre production in the „Grünen Salon“ stood Jean-Ferry after 12 years again with his old acrobatics partner Michael Klich on the stage.
Party of the Police
Photo: Rüdiger Geiger

Party of the Police

Jean-Ferry at the Event production „Party of the Police“ of the German Police.
Jean-Ferry – Das Supertalent

Das Supertalent

Jean-Ferry wobbles with his Ladder Acrobatic in front of Dieter Bohlen, Thomas Gottschalk and Michelle Hunziker in the next round …

View on Clipfish
Landwirtschaftskammer Rheinland-Pfalz
Photo: Kai Mehn

Landwirtschaftskammer Rheinland-Pfalz

Jean-Ferry at the Event production.
Noël en Cirque
Photo: Michael Clogenson

Noël en Cirque

Jean-Ferry at the Christmas production „Noël en Cirque“ in Valence d'Agen – France.
Federal Ball
Photo: Boris Löffert

Federal Ball

Jean-Ferry at the Event procuction „Federal Ball in the Maritim Hotel of Berlin“.
50 years – Hymer
Photos: Karin Bucher

50 years – Hymer

Jean-Ferry enthralls the guests with three acts at the Event production „50 years – Hymer“.
Potsdam beim 8. Genossenschaftstag
Photo: Ullf Böttcher

8. Genossenschaftstag, Potsdam

Jean-Ferry at the Open Air – Event production.
VNG Gruppe – Motivation Advertisement
Photo: Filmaton

VNG Gruppe – Motivation Advertisement

Jean-Ferry with his „Comedy Character“ at the TV Spot Production „VNG Group – Motivation Advertisement“.
Athlete award in Salzgitter
Photo: Dennis Lendeckel

Athlete award in Salzgitter

Jean-Ferry at the event production.
Viva Las Vegas

McDonalds Gala Show

Jean-Ferry enthralls the guests with three acts at the McDonalds „VIVA LAS VEGAS“ show in Kitzbühel.
Jean-Ferry and Duo Catchup
Photo: Jean-Ferry

Jubilee Show Legoland

In addition to performing his „Comedy Trampoline Act“, Jean-Ferry compered the Legoland-Germany Jubilee Show – in partnership with the double-act Duo Catchup. Over a two week period, this arena show was seen by more than 1500 visitors a day.
athlete award
Photo: Jean-Ferry

Athlete award

Jean-Ferry at the sports event.
Circus Eigenart
Photo: Andreas Frücht

Circus Eigenart

In the Christmas production of „Circus Eigenart“ in Bielefeld, Jean-Ferry delighted with his comedy trampoline, comedy magic, and his playful character as a common theme alongside the live band.
Jean-Ferry – Dinnercircus


Jean-Ferry and Klaus Renzel enchanted the audience of the production „Dinnercircus – Zauberhaftes Varieté – Bad Bramstedt“.
Stuttgarter Friedrichsbau Varieté
Photo: Sabine Schönberger

Servus, Grüezi & Hallo

In Stuttgart's renowned "Friedrichsbau Variete" Jean-Ferry enchanted the audience of the production „Servus, Gruezi & Hallo“. He proved his comical talent once more, by not only performing his comedy trampoline act, but also bringing a comedy character to his ladder-acrobatics for the first time.
Photo: Steve Heilemann


Jean-Ferry performed at the „Night of 1000 Lights“.
City Festival in Paderborn
Photo: Steve Heilemann

City Festival in Paderborn

Jean-Ferry featured in the „Europa-Variete“ at Franz-Stock-Platz. Over the course of four performances, 5000 spectators witnessed the triumphant variety show.
Jean-Ferry in Melsungen
Photo: Andreas Bernhard

Bigger station for the "RegioTram" in Melsungen

Comedy entertainer Jean-Ferry performed his leaps at the face of the new station. (Homberger Anzeiger)
44th INTAKO – International Congress for Dance Teachers
Photo: Karl-Werner Wiemers

44th INTAKO – International Congress for Dance Teachers

Jean-Ferry thrilled the guests of the 44th INTAKO social event in the sold-out ballroom of the Maritim Hotel, Düsseldorf.
International Geneva Motor Show

International Geneva Motor Show

With a duo performance of ladder-acrobatics Jean-Ferry was part of the massive show production for the „Multivan Edition 25“ utility vehicle at the Volkswagen company evening.
Autumn Fashion Show 2010
Photo: Daniel Blaum

Fashion Show, Passau

Jean-Ferry delighted the audience of the „Autumn Fashion Show“ in Passau's „Stadtgalerie“.
Photo from Ingo Robin
Photo: Ingo Robin


For his upcoming art exhibition Ingo Robin photographed performers and artists with contrasting architectural scenery. The shot of Jean-Ferry was taken in Berlin.
Bamberg Zaubert 2010
Photo: Fabian Amann

Bamberg Zaubert

The opening gala in the „Jako-Arena“ thrilled more than 2000 spectators.
Ball des Sports – Münster
Photos: Martin Weygardt, Peter Leßmann

40th Ball des Sports

At the 40th „Ball des Sports“ in Münster Jean-Ferry provided excitement and entertainment with his ladder-acrobatics and trampoline-comedy.
Volkswagenhalle Braunschweig

Standing ovation

Jean-Ferry's ladder-acrobatics was rewarded with a standing ovation from the 6000 viewers of the Kick-Off show of the Schwarz Organisation / Amway in the Volkswagen Arena, Braunschweig.
O2 World
Photo: Gernod Eisfeld

Euroleague match

Jean-Ferry captivated the 10000 spectators of the euroleague basketball match „Alba Berlin“ vs. „Maccabi Tel Aviv“ during half time with his ladder show.
Café Hahn
Photo: Thomas Otto

Café Hahn

Presenting comedy trampoline and ladder acrobatic, Jean-Ferry captivated Café Hahn´s audience in Koblenz right away with his first appearance.
Photo: Jean-Ferry


In the „Air Track Show“ on the International Funkausstellung Berlin Jean-Ferry created his first act on stilts.
Jean-Ferry and Chief Manager Jürgen Wirtz

Radisson SAS Hotel

Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Radisson SAS Hotel Cologne Chief Manager Jürgen Wirtz was so daring to get on the trampoline with Jean-Ferry.
Magic Comedy im Tropical Island
Photo: Jean-Ferry

Tropical Islands

In approx. 100 shows, Jean-Ferry thrills the guests of the „Tropical Islands“ close to Berlin with his ladder acrobatics & trampoline comedy as well as a magical comedy show. 
Dinnershow „Palais im Park“
Photo: Jean-Ferry

Dinnershow „Palais im Park“

Jean Ferry for the first time impressed the guests of the dinnershow „Palais im Park“ in Bremen.