What people write
Jean-Ferry stands in the long line of a classical tradition – the highly skilled, and non-red-nose-wearing, acrobatic clown.
Goslarschen Zeitung
Laugh and be amazed with Jean-Ferry.
Neue Westfälische
Jean-Ferry – the sensational trampoline acrobat from Berlin.
Stuttgarter Zeitung
A cross between trampoline artist and Mister Bean, the performer delighted and amazed the audience with his combination of perfect physical skills and hilarious pantomime.
Berlin‘s Jean-Ferry is a true all-rounder. At first you wouldn‘t believe that butter could melt in his mouth, but then came a trampoline act bursting with gymnastic brilliance. In the second half he amazed again with acrobatics at the highest level.
Nürtinger Zeitung
The Berlin artist Jean-Ferry, as convincing on the ladder as he is on the trampoline, combined comedy and finesse effortlessly in his two performances.
Eßlinger Zeitung
The comical trampoline and ladder artist Jean-Ferry.
Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung
Jean-Ferry has such a mastery of acrobatics that he can combine it playfully with comical elements.
Neue Westfälische
Jean-Ferry, the stagehand with the “goofiest face” in the world. In a grandiose trampoline show he displayed his physical-mastery within the persona of a well-acted bungler.
Münsterländische Volkszeitung
The exceptional artist Jean-Ferry delighted the guests.
Frei Presse
With a spectacular ladder-act Jean-Ferry provided maximum excitement.
Westfälische Nachrichten
Jean Ferry, a master on the Trampoline.
Frankfurter Neue Presse